Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Know Spiderman, Basically

Two Degrees of Separation:

1.)A short story of mine appeared in McSweeney's #33 alongside a story written by James Franco:
2.)James Franco knows Spiderman:

Four Degrees of Separation:

1.) I appeared in McSweeney's #15 alongside Steven Millhauser:

2.) Millhauser's brilliant short story Eisenheim the Illusionist was ground into a fine powder by filmmakers in The Illusionist, starring Ed Norton:

3.) Ed Norton recently played The Hulk:

4.) The Hulk knows Spiderman:

Seven Degrees of Separation:

1.) In 2007, I won the William Peden Prize, an award which was previously won by Robert Olen Butler:

2.) According to Wikipedia, Robert Olen Butler was once caught in a love triangle with Ted Turner:

3.) Ted Turner knows Captain Planet:

4.) Captain Planet knows Atlanta Thrashers forward Jim Slater:

5.) Jim Slater's father played for the New England Patriots:

6.) New England borders on New York:

7.) Spiderman lives in New York: