Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

(UPDATE: Due to an unfortunate incident on Farmville, in which my avatar was murdered by Confederate deserters, I briefly decided to rid myself of all social networking websites. Therefore, the twitter account referenced in this post no longer exists. But somehow Yu's novel has managed to flourish even without the 78-follower-Seth-Fried-Twitter-Bump. Check out this awesome review of HTLSIASFU in The New York Times Book Review.)

Very rarely do I use this blog to talk about anything other than my own really excellent and wonderful writing. But every once in a great while I'll get so excited about someone else's work that for one dizzying moment I manage to see past my own ego. Such is the case with Charles Yu's impending novel, How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe: A Novel.

Yu's debut short story collection, Third Class Superhero, is one of my favorite books. So this novel is highly anticipated in the Fried household. So much so that until the book is released (Sept. 7th, 2010) I will be dedicating my twitter feed to my HTLSIASFU anticipation. Once a day (for a month or so), I will use my twitter account to describe one thing I am doing in order to prepare for the release of Yu's book.

Naturally, this will result in a tremendous windfall of publicity for Yu's novel in that I CURRENTLY HAVE 78 TWITTER FOLLOWERS. This number is especially impressive if you consider the fact that statistically for every one person that follows you on twitter there are roughly ten thousand people who wish they had the courage to follow you on twitter.

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