Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Blog Header by Brent Van Horne

The incomparable Brent Van Horne has created yet another killer header for this humble blog. In addition to it fulfilling my life long dream (expectation is probably a better word) of being added to the periodic table, it also hints to the fact that I will soon be a citizen of New York City.

BVH is definitely correct in assuming that my new location will significantly change the content of this blog.

Example of what my posts have looked like while living in Ohio:

"Hey everybody! I have a story forthcoming in Whatever-the-hell Magazine! Make sure to check it out!"

Example of what my posts will look like once I live in New York:

"I'm heading to The Saw Factory tonight to see The Laser Committee do an acoustic set with the trombone player from Biscuit Quake."

So yeah, get ready for that!